Sidewalk Repair Westchester

For any commercial as well as a residential property owner in New York State, Sidewalk Repair Westchester holds significant importance. This is because if the sidewalks adjoining your property are damaged in a form that proposes a safety hazard for pedestrians, you will receive a sidewalk violation notice from the NYC DOT (Department of Transport).

Henceforth, if one fails to resolve these issues in time, hefty fines would be imposed as the city pays to have the sidewalk issues corrected at your expense. So, we always advise that you keep your sidewalk structure in check through The Sidewalk Repair inspection services.

How to remove a sidewalk violation notice from DOT?

DOT sidewalk notice can complicate the process of refinancing as well as the sale/purchase of your property. Therefore, in order to resolve a sidewalk violation notice for your property, you need professional help for it. 

As part of our Sidewalk Repair Westchester program, we offer complete assistance for your needs. However, there are some things that you should know about as well. 

Here’s a brief description of how you can remove a sidewalk violation notice. 

No need to panic.

If the sidewalk adjoining any of your property has been issued a sidewalk violation notice from DOT, there’s no need to panic. In New York, sidewalk violation notices are common for defective sidewalks and are only issued to encourage the property owners to repair the structures as soon as possible. 

Assess the damage.

First of all, you need to assess the type and extent of damage done to your sidewalk. Whether it needs replacement or it can be repaired efficiently through some techniques? Check for all sorts of degradations i.e., cracks, gaps, holes, leveling irregulates, broken hardware installations, defective curbs, etc. It’s essential to evaluate what has been damaged and what type of Sidewalk Repair Westchester fixing would be required for it.

Find a reputable contractor.

When you’ve understood your Sidewalk Repair Westchester demands, it’s high time that you look for a professional contractor to fix it. With hundreds of different options available, it’s difficult to find a contractor who performs what he promises. That’s why you must always compare and then buy. 

Figure out the experiences, and authenticity a contractor holds for the job and only hire the services of one when you are completely satisfied with their work. 
For it, you can trust the professionals at The Sidewalk Repair blindly!

Reasonable pricing.

Most of the time the proprietor gets befuddled by the pricing offered by different contractors for Sidewalk Repair Westchester. However, with The Sidewalk Repair, you don’t have to worry about it at all. We encourage our clients to check the amount of DOT’s fixing rate per square foot because we offer competitive pricing as well. 

With the assistance of our expert workers and the utilization of high-tech equipment, your Sidewalk Repair Westchester work is done at the most affordable rates with no hidden or additional charges.


For all sorts of Sidewalk Repair Westchester jobs, a contractor needs appropriate permission from the DOT to finish the work with no legal issues. Since contractors at The Sidewalk Repair have full information on how to get permission, they will effortlessly get grants to begin the work immediately.  

The license is only valid for a total of 30 days and we ensure that your Sidewalk Repair Westchester issues are efficiently addressed within this time period.

Removing the sidewalk violation notice.

After appropriate renovation work is done to the sidewalk issued with a sidewalk violation notice, the property owner has to notify the authorities about it. DOT’s inspection team then visits the site and assesses it for quality. Once they are satisfied with the reliability of the work, your sidewalk violation notice is removed.

We, at The Sidewalk Repair, offer complete assistance for your DOT sidewalk violation removal. So, you don’t have to worry about anything at all. 
Need help in rectifying a sidewalk violation notice? You can rely on the experts at the Sidewalk Repair as they will help you get things back in order promptly. 

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