Sidewalk Repair Scarsdale

Installing a sidewalk structure isn’t as difficult as it may seem, however, technical for sure. That’s why only professionals like The Sidewalk Repair ensure quality Sidewalk Repair Scarsdale services with the help of our skilled workers. 

Maintaining a sidewalk structure is a very challenging task for property owners in New York State. One has to keep the sidewalk(s) adjoining its properties in mint condition at all times. Otherwise, DOT issues a Sidewalk Violation Notice for a property owner whose sidewalk is defective. 

Considering the extensive use of sidewalk structures in New York, one has to employ regular sidewalk maintenance services to ensure that it is intact and thus safe for pedestrians. Even after the use of the best quality materials, concrete sidewalk structure degrades due to various environmental factors. 

Here’s how a sidewalk structure is repaired or installed by The Sidewalk Repair for its Sidewalk Repair Scarsdale services.

Gathering the right tools.

The use of the right kind of tools for sidewalk construction is very essential. It not only minimizes the time required for the completion of the job but also ensures that a quality structure is built. That’s why at The Sidewalk Repair, we always employ different types of construction tools and equipment for different kinds of Sidewalk Repair Scarsdale jobs.

Preparing the base.

To get the base preparation right you need to have a solid gravel base. Therefore, the work starts by digging out the existing soil to accommodate nearly 6 inches of gravel base; 1 inch of leveling sand or small crushed gravel fines and the paver thickness. Once the excavation work is done, compacting the existing soil with a vibrating plate compactor comes into work. Then, place the 6 inches of the gravel base, spread and compact. 
Once the 6-inch base is set in position, we lay two metal poles of one-inch diameter on top of the base to make sure that there’s a little bit of pitch to help with the drainage.


Sleeving is the process of placing a PVC pipe in the base structure that will allow to run any type of future electrical wirings through it.

Employing quality materials.

The use of quality materials is very essential if you want to have a firm sidewalk structure constructed. Even for Sidewalk Repair Scarsdale services, we encourage the employment of the best quality materials to ensure the reliability of construction. Otherwise, substandard materials would not only increase the frequency of repairing required but also remains a safety hazard for pedestrians.

So, if you want to save money and avoid public liabilities, the use of quality materials is advised whether you are opting for sidewalk replacement or repair.

Wide range of designs. 

We offer a wide range of Sidewalk Repair Scarsdale designs for your needs. Whether you are looking to revamp your sidewalk look or need repair services only, we can transform your old sidewalk into a brand new one. 

Experienced workers.

Our highly experienced staff and adept construction professionals ensure the seamless completion of Sidewalk Repair Scarsdale projects. Not only the quality of work is guaranteed but also timely completion of tasks is what our workers are very mindful of. Therefore, offering complete solutions for your property’s sidewalk maintenance needs.

Acquiring the licenses.

Last but not the least, we always acquire the required word permits and licenses for all sorts of Sidewalk Repair Scarsdale tasks. As it is not only a legal obligation but also one cannot start a sidewalk construction or renovation project before obtaining permission from the relevant authorities. 

So, hiring Sidewalk Repair Scarsdale from sidewalk repairs frees you from all such hassles. 
We value the time as well as the money of our clients. That’s why we offer complete solutions for your sidewalk renovation needs. From acquiring the work permits to providing you with a restored sidewalk structure – we take care of it all! 

Possess a defective sidewalk? Get all your issues resolved today with The Sidewalk Repair. 

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