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Customer Satisifaction Guaranteed
Customer Satisifaction Guaranteed
Customer Satisifaction Guaranteed
Customer Satisifaction Guaranteed
Customer Satisifaction Guaranteed


We are offering premium quality concrete repair services with experienced professionals. We do violation removal, bluestone repair, driveway repair, curb repair, blacktop and asphalt driveway with dedicated experts.

Sidewalk Violation Removal

Got DOT sidewalk violation and looking for quick solution we are here to serve just reach us now.

Driveway Repair

Why not try skilled & experienced driveway repair contractors for your blacktop and asphalt driveway issues.

Curb Repair

Looking for experienced curb repair contractors with best deals? here we are at the sidewalk repair with best offers.

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Sidewalk Violation Removal
Driveway Repair
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Construction Image

Sidewalk Violation Removal

Driveway Repair

Driveway Repair

Driveway Repair

Contractors & Construction Managers Since 1981


Our Satisfied clients statements are our big motivations. We always learn from them and deliver better services with quality improvements. See what they are saying about us!

Edward S. Fry

NY, Brooklyn
The Sidewalk Repair contractors crew is very professional and did great job for concrete repair in front of my garage. I highly recommend these contactors .

Joseph M. Doyle

NY, Queens
I really love the services delivered by the sidewalk repair contractors. I called them and they provided me free estimates for driveway repair and then the job done in record time.

Tammy W. Jones

NY, Bronx
The sidewalk repair contractors are very professionals and committed regarding concrete repair services. I will hire them again.

Jean J. Hannan

NY, Manhattan
These sidewalk contractors made me happy once they repair such a beautiful sidewalk repair in front of my house.


Premium Quality Concrete Contractors & Services

Quality is our main objective for concrete repair services, Our crew of sidewalk repair experts always be notified to deliver premium services with full devotion. We treat our clients as our kings and we serve our highness with best services.

Feasible Prices & Free Estimates

Once you are choosing a contractor you must see the prices and compare what they deliver. Once you select The sidewalk repair contractor you can see the difference what we offer to you. Our primary concern is to offer you affordable rates for concrete repair and free estimates for your concrete issues.

Upgraded Technology with Latest Machinery

We at The sidewalk repair contractor uses upgraded machinery to serve better and compete the other contractors. Our team of technical engineers always guided us, how to work done in better way by use of latest technology. For better results of concrete repair we do monthly inceptions of our equipment to satisfy our clients

Concrete Safety & Protection Measurements

Safety and duration of concrete lasting after repair is the major concern among all contractors. It is the backbone of client retaining. if your concrete safety and protection measures are up to the mark then you win the clients trust. This is our main goal to deal with. We do our best to make your concrete solutions long lasting and if anything happen regarding what we had delivered we will resolve it without any cost.

The Sidewalk Repair in New York City.

Sidewalk Repairing and Installation issues in NYC are infinite, considering environmental factors and the heavy loads, sidewalks of the NYC require frequent maintenance. The Sidewalk Repair offers the perfect solution for it all – whether you want to have your DOT Sidewalk violation removed or need specially engineered solutions for your sidewalk construction needs, you’ve come to the right place.

With a network all across New York City, our company reserves the honor of providing seamless sidewalk repair and construction services for all of your residential, commercial as well as government projects. 

Approved by the Department of Transportation of NYC as well as certified by the Department of Buildings and consumer affairs; The Sidewalk Repair remains your premier sidewalk & concrete contractor in New York City. 

We provide a wide range of sidewalk construction and repairing techniques to offer you the best quality and sturdy sidewalk builds that you can trust! 

Sidewalk Violation Removal by The Sidewalk Repair.

What is Sidewalk Violation?

New York City possesses a huge web of sidewalks all across the region, approximately measuring 12,000 miles! Since we all know that only a sidewalk that is free of any physical defects as well as kept clean of all the debris can provide a safe medium for the pedestrian commute. Even making it safe to use a wheelchair for the people with special needs; push a baby stroller; a shopping cart and whatnot. So, to regulate the safety and proper maintenance of these sidewalks, NYC’s Department of Transport (DOT) looks after all of the private as well as commercial-owned sidewalks.

By law, property owners are responsible for not only installing, repairing and maintaining the sidewalks that adjoin their properties but also cleaning them clear of snow, ice, or debris at all times. If any personal injury is caused to someone by one’s failure to maintain the sidewalk, legal proceedings occur. 

So, keeping in view the pedestrian safety as well as encouraging the property owners for sidewalk maintenance and renovation, DOT offers sidewalk violation notices to the property owners whose sidewalks are defective.
If you’ve received any such notice, get in touch with professionals at the Sidewalk Repair and have your queries answered. We also offer complete solutions for sidewalk violation removal of our clients. 

Our Experienced Experts Are Discovering Golden Opportunities to Resolve Your Sidewalk Issues:

Sidewalk issues are many, however, the most common sidewalk defects include;

  • Trip hazards.
  • Problems caused by tree roots.
  • Collapsed sidewalks.
  • Hardware installation inefficiencies.
  • Patchwork requirement.
  • Improper slopes.
  • Old and weary-looking sidewalks.
  • Missing/defective sidewalk curbs.

No matter the quality of your sidewalk build, wear and tear happens with time considering different usage factors and weather conditions. So, you must get your sidewalk issues resolved with the help of experts at The Sidewalk Repair.
However, it remains extremely essential that the contractor you are opting for should have adept techniques to tackle different sidewalk problems efficiently. Professionals at The Sidewalk Repair offer a diverse range of sidewalk repairing techniques that not only remain budget-friendly but also cater to individual client demands.

Choose Whatever Concrete Work You Like from Our Services of Professionals:

The Sidewalk Repairs concrete works are of many types specializing in concrete slabs, pools, sidewalks, driveways, patios, streets, steps, foundations, garages, warehouses, and many more. 
Choose whatever concrete work you like from our services of professional;

Concrete leveling and Repair.

Our sidewalk concrete leveling and repairing services remain a best seller. The reason for it is that leveling and repairing a concrete slab before it’s too damaged not only ensures affordability compared to its replacement as well as enhances its life. 

Problems caused by an uneven sidewalk.

  • Cosmetic issues, broken corners, and edges. 
  • Tripping hazards for pedestrians. 
  • Difficulty in landscaping i.e., use of trimmers, edgers, mowers as well as snow shovels and snow blowers.
  • Higher level of potential liability for property owners for trip-and-fall injury cases.
  • Drainage problems.

How The Sidewalk Repair’s concrete leveling and repair work.

Leveling of the concrete sidewalk surface involves floating the slab up through small increments, allowing a controlled lift and protection for the concrete at the same time. Concrete leveling services that our professionals utilize are not only under expert supervision but also the use of high-tech equipment further makes our work safe and easygoing. 

The leveling works by drilling a series of one-inch diameter holes throughout the concrete slab and hydraulically pumping a limestone-based slurry beneath simultaneously. The material automatically flows; filling all of the voided areas and reestablishing the subsurface with an effectively new and stable sub-base. The benefit of using this service is that it settles and dries quickly, therefore, the sidewalk can be used immediately after the job is done.

Additionally, all of the sidewalk repairs and works done by our skilled workers are specially designed to counter the individual problems of a client. Let it be resurfacing, asphalting, patching, filling, etc.

Concrete Foundation repair.

The Sidewalk Repair’s concrete foundation repair service is the best solution for all sorts of foundation failures, bowed basement walls, leaning chimneys, and sinking foundations. 

Concrete foundation repair and maintenance are extremely significant for the safety of the pedestrians as well as the structural safety of your properties. An inefficient and weak foundation would result in the collapse of the building. So, it is essential that you keep your concrete foundations checked through The Sidewalk Repair’s yearly inspection services. 

Our Concrete Foundation Repair service is specifically designed to meet the needs of your weary and old foundations without having to invest so much money. Through adept knowledge and the help of the best-experienced workers in the field, we offer cost-effective yet seamless solutions for your concrete foundation repair demands. 

Concrete Sealing and Cleaning.

With time, concrete structures start acting like a sponge; absorbing large amounts of water that can freeze and cause your concrete to spall, crack, pit and then eventually break up. That’s why it’s essential to properly seal it and then caulk the cracks in the surface as per the need. 

This helps in greatly reducing water's ability to penetrate the concrete's surface and thus drastically increasing its lifespan while protecting the sub-base as well. 


Professional concrete sealing services at The Sidewalk Repair are of two types;
Use of a deep-penetrating, siloxane-based concrete sealant that is absorbed into the concrete slab to preserve its longevity.
The benefit of using this sealant is that it creates a waterproof barrier that causes water beading on the surface with an estimated lifespan of 7-10 years.
The other product used is called ‘DensiCrete’ which works by chemically altering silica within the concrete's pores and creating a new concrete surface. 
The benefit of using this technique is that it densifies so much that it is unable to absorb water, thus, helping to prevent issues with spalling and cracking for quite a long period. 


Concrete surfaces can become grimy and dirty with time due to fungal growth, water retention, and various other environmental factors. So, for a fresh look at it, cleaning and power washing are advised. The Sidewalk Repair offers the best concrete sidewalk cleaning services that you can ever find in NYC!

Though the use of modern equipment, the right skill set and biodegradable cleaners – we restore your concrete surfaces like no one.

Concrete caulking.

After the cleaning and sealing of your concrete surface are done, caulking the cracks and joints is as much essential to enhance the life of the construction. It helps in filling the concrete cracks and joints so that water penetration can be avoided and thus a minimum number of defects and tripping hazards would appear. 

The Sidewalk repair’s use of high-quality, self-leveling caulk is such that it won't shrink as well as remains flexible enough to remain in place even if the concrete structure does happen to shift around! All in all, increasing the lifespan of your concrete constructions and saving you costs.

Additional services.

  • Our additional Sidewalk Repair services include;
  • Sidewalk installations and maintenance.
  • Driveway renovation and construction.
  • DOT sidewalk violation removal.
  • Curbs and many more.

So, get in touch with The Sidewalk Repair team today and get repair and maintenance solutions that work the best for you!

Showcase Your Problems by Selecting Your Concrete Issue from Our Online Free Inspection Form.

Can’t figure out what sort of sidewalk repair service works best for you? 
Need professional assistance on your sidewalk construction needs? 
Are you facing a sidewalk violation notice from DOT? 

You don’t have to worry about anything at all! Just get in touch with the professionals at The Sidewalk Repair for all the assistance you need.
You can also fill out our ‘Free Inspection form’ online and have your problems answered by the experts in the industry. Our customer support team would try and get back to you as soon as possible!

Receive a Free Online Quote by Submitting Free Quote Form:

If you need a free quote for the sidewalk repair, maintenance, or construction work required for your demand – feel free to get in touch with us. 
Just fill out our ‘Free Quote Form’, specify your demands and budget and we’ll devise the best solution for your needs that ensures affordability.

Schedule an Available Day with our "The Sidewalk Repair" Contractors Crew:

Delivering our clients, the best sidewalk repair and maintenance services in NYC is what we live by! 

If you want to have your sidewalk professionally inspected by the experts, book your appointment today with The Sidewalk Repair contractor’s crew. Our team would try its best to give you the earliest date possible to avoid any inconveniences. 

Our workers, as well as the professional staff, would not only inspect the site but also suggest to you the possible solutions required for the type of job. 

Sidewalk Get Repaired by New York City the Sidewalk Repair Contractors:

Sidewalk repairing in NYC is one of the most challenging and trickiest things for a contractor to tackle but not with The Sidewalk Repair NYC. Possessing the right kind of workforce and use of modern equipment, we ensure the completion of a job like no one. 

This is what The Sidewalk Repair NYC has maintained throughout its business history. Therefore, gaining us the ultimate trust of our clients.

We Repair Your Sidewalks Exactly as Per Your Given Specifications with Our Top-Rated Sidewalk Repair Professionals:

Every sidewalk is built differently and therefore requires individual care and maintenance. Considering the material used in its construction, type of loads exerted on the sidewalk on a daily basis, pedestrian traffic, location of construction, etc. one can devise tailored solutions to meet all your sidewalk repair specifications. 

We consider every sidewalk construction to be unique and therefore offer customized services for all of your customers’ demands.

We Repair Violation Flags Perfectly with Problem Solving Techniques, Colors, and Text Through Our New York City the Sidewalk Repair Contractors:

DOT violations are very common in NYC for defective sidewalks. If you have a defective sidewalk, there’s a big possibility that you would be issued one soon or you already have it. 

Though there is no fine associated with a sidewalk violation flag, a copy of the notice is filed with the County Clerk and remains in office until satisfactory repairs have been made. The only drawback of having a sidewalk violation notice for your property is that it complicates the selling or refinancing of your property.

To make the repairs, the property owner is given a 75-day period. Yet, if one fails to make the required renovation NYC DOT reserves the right to hire a contractor to perform the construction work, but its bill would be on the account of the property owner (under Section 19-152 of the New York City Administrative Code). 

Hence one must hire the professional services of The Sidewalk Repair to have all such issues resolved at the earliest.

Use of World-class Building Materials for Concrete.

Among the many reasons why our company stands out in the market is the use of world-class building materials. Our construction structures not only ensure seamless protection and public safety but also are very durable in their build. We take pride in satisfying our clients and that’s what keeps us motivated to only employ the best quality building materials. 

24/7 Customer Support to Assist Repair & Maintenance Needs.

The Sidewalk Repair offers 24/7 customer support for our clients to assist them in all of their sidewalk repair and maintenance needs. Get in touch with us anytime, anywhere!

Every sidewalk We Repair Is Durable & Longlisting in Drastic Weather Conditions:

We, as a company, hold a distinctive market reputation. Our work is not only regarded as the safest by our clients but also the most professional and satisfactory as well. 

The sidewalk structures built, maintained, or repaired by us offer the best lifetime. You can have your sidewalk built and then literally forget about any investments to make for its renovation for quite some time and that’s a guarantee! 

We value the time and money of your clients and that’s why we always deliver quality work at The Sidewalk Repair.

We Ensure the Quality of Your Sidewalks Before Delivering the Services:

Our workers build the sidewalk structure first using the right kind of equipment and materials and then our inspection team is also present on-site for its testing. We always ensure that the quality of sidewalks remains up to the mark before we can deliver them to our clients.  

We Offer Quick solutions for Concrete Repair of Sidewalks, Driveway & Backyards.

The Sidewalk Repair offers a diverse range of quick solutions for concrete repairing of the sidewalk, driveways, and backyards. With our ready-to-use sealants and cleaners; we restore your structures to their original form in no time!

DOT Violation Removal by Best Rated Sidewalk Repair Experts:

Professionals at The Sidewalk Repair have been in the construction industry for many years now. We possess all the knowledge that a contractor needs to offer quality services in NYC especially when it comes to DOT Violation Removal. Our work speaks for itself. That’s why we guarantee timely removal of DOT violations from your property with fast yet quality work.

Portray & Protect your Sidewalks with Perfection and Enhance your living Standard Through our Sidewalk Repair Professionals:

Sidewalks add to the architectural beauty of your residential and commercial properties. At the same time, these sidewalks are a necessary element for pedestrians and locals. Therefore, you need to consider both the aesthetic as well as material values of the sidewalk structures for your properties. Our Sidewalk repair professionals offer such solutions for it that you can portray and protect your sidewalks with perfection and enhance your living standard simultaneously. 

Elevate the Standard of Your Sidewalks with Our High Ranked Sidewalk Repair Professionals:

With time sidewalks are exposed to degradation due to various environmental factors as well as usage. No matter the quality of building materials you use, you’ll have to opt for concrete renovation and repair after some years. So, if your sidewalk is in dire need of a second life, elevate the standard of your sidewalks with our high-ranked sidewalk repair professionals’ work.
Customize your Sidewalks with The Sidewalk Repair to Give Your Concrete a New Look.

If you’ve become bored of your old sidewalk design or need to re-build it for aesthetic purposes, we offer the best customization options for you. With our wide range of designs to choose from, you can customize the construction of your new sidewalk as per your desire. 

Get Your Every Concern Related to Sidewalks Solved with the Assistance of Our Supportive Customer Care Unit:

No matter the type of concerns you have regarding your sidewalk construction or repairing needs, professionals at The Sidewalk Repair are here to help. Communicate one-on-one with our customer support staff and have all of your confusion disregarded with effective guidance and knowledge.

Reach Our Concrete & Sidewalks Experts Get Instant Quote to See All-Inclusive Price Before Placing Your Order:

If you are planning to renovate, build or even maintain your sidewalk you can take benefit from The Sidewalk Repair free quote services. 

With all-inclusive pricing, specifically curated for your needs, you can have a rough estimation of the amount required for the construction work before placing your order. You can also take benefit of our different discounts and promotion schemes. 

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